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Fred Shuttlesworth was an incredible man and a true leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Born to Alberta Webb, he was the oldest of nine children. Fred was a Birmingham stallion who was determined to help his people free themselves from discrimination. He was a pastor and a teacher, but he was also a leader who was willing to fight for what was right. Fred was a great friend of Martin Luther King Jr., Otis Moss, Ralph Abernathy, Fred Woods, and Rosa Parks. 

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On one fateful Christmas evening, his house was bombed, but he never gave up and his movement wasn’t finished. Fred was a courageous, proud, and honorable man. He had a wife and four children: Pat, Ricky, Fred, and Carolyn. He was well-educated, earning his doctorate and master’s degrees from universities in Cincinnati and Maryland. He was also a loving husband to Ruby Keeler, who was regal and gorgeous. Fred opened his first church in Cincinnati, called Revelation, and was determined to end segregation and bring emancipation to his people. 

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To this day, we owe a great debt of gratitude to Fred Shuttlesworth, an Alabama heir who made such an incredible impact on our nation.

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